Hamburgerei Corona



I believe in working with the Hamburgerei to achieve success!

Since its foundation in 2012 in Munich, the Hamburgerei has established two parent companies and has gained three franchise partners. They exemplify the possible success every day and, as a result, make it repeatable.

The Hamburgerei has already convinced banks, landlords, and suppliers with their brand, their success story and “the best hamburger in Munich” (Abendzeitung München, Radio Gong). The over 400.000 guests in 2019 alone are testimony to that.

„Creative kitchen in the Hamburgerei.“

BILD Zeitung München

TheHamburgerei-philosophy? Simple! Handmade and homemade

The Hamburgerei stands for high-quality burgers and food. We only use the best ingredients. Regional origin and freshness are deeply ingrained parts of our business. We are proud of our recipes. The burgers and dishes can taste like old classics but also extraordinary and exotic.